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World Leader in Portable Skin Research Instruments


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Delfin Technologies offers innovative and scientifically validated portable instrumentation to measure various skin properties and the effect of products on the skin and its parameters.


Our patented and protected product range is a result of innovative device research and development, carried out on a continuous basis.

Instruments are scientifically validated, tested, and calibrated for quality and accuracy.


In the dynamic world of skincare and cosmetics, understanding the intricacies of skin properties is paramount. Delfin Technologies offers cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing the way we measure and analyze many aspects of the skin.


Delfin Technologies has not only dramatically altered the field of portable skin research instruments, but also grown into a worldwide company with a global market search. Our products are now used in over 40 countries, with North America, Europe, and Asia, representing our leading markets.

It positions Delfin as a global leader in skin science and research.

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