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 Convenient tear evaporation measurements

The Eye-VapoMeter is the first and only portable instrument to measure tear evaporation rate easily. Tear evaporation rate (TER) can change when suffering from dry eye syndrome or wearing contact lenses. Efficacy of eye drops or other treatments can also be followed by measuring TER.

The Eye-VapoMeter is based on proven technology capable of measuring very high evaporation rates (50-300 g/m²h), like TER quickly and without saturation. The instrument is designed to fit perfectly on the eye. The measurement is independent of instrument orientation and subject’s posture, that makes the measurements comfortable for the subject


  • Rotatable adapter fits perfectly on the eye

  • Short measurement time, typically 15-20 sec

  • Wide measurement range up to 300 g/m²h without saturation

  • Ready to use - no daily calibration required

  • Closed chamber - non-sensitive to ambient airflows

  • Fully portable and battery operated

  • Wireless connection to PC

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