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The only portable, patented, close chamber TEWL instrument to assess epidermal barrier on the market. Can measure in vivo and in vitro (FC adapters). Watch the video by clicking on the link



The MoistureMeterSC is a fully portable and wireless instrument for measuring skin surface hydration never affected by the electrolytes.Watch the video by clicking on the link



The MoistureMeterEpiD is an all-in-one measurement unit that is composed of a mian unit, an integrated probe, a built-in contact force sensor and a display. The display shows non-invasively measured local percentage water content (0 to 100 %) effectively in the epidermis. Watch the video by clicking on the link

MoistureMeterD Compact.jpg


The MoistureMeterD Compact is a portable device that operates on the same principle of the multiprobe MoistureMeterD unit. It is a unique tissue water-specific instrument for the localized measurement of water content of biological tissues. The tissue dielectric constant (TDC) measured noninvasively and within seconds in skin is converted into percentage water content (PWC) scale from 0 to 100 %. Watch the video by clicking on the link



The ElastiMeter is an elegant indentation instrument for skin elasticity measurements.The ElastiMeter is fully portable, with a measurement time of a few seconds. Watch the video by clicking on this link.



Superficial induration manifesting in skin and upper subcutis can be quantified with an indentation principle noninvasively without alterations in measured tissue structure. The hand-help portable SkinFibroMeter is the only instrument assessing induration in absolute units of stiffness.



Erythema and melanin indices are indicators quantifying skin erythema and pigmentation. With traditional colorimeters erythema measurement is often affected by melanin and vice versa. This has been solved in the fully portable and pocket sized Delfin SkinColorCatch, which measures erythema and melanin indices insensitive to each other. In addition to this, the SkinColorCatch measures L*a*b* values and many other parameters with the same push of button.



The SkinGlossMeter has applications in R&D of cosmetic and personal care industries, claims substantiation, skin research studies, assessment of skin type and evaluation of skin care.

The SkinGlossMeter is fully portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery. The practicality of the instrument allows gloss measurements also on difficult body areas like lips.



With the SebumScale, skin sebum excretion measurements with absolute units are now possible. The sensitive SebumScale measures the amount of sebum accurately in micrograms per 1 cm2. The portable and wireless SebumScale is a compact instrument that combines microbalance technology with the use of sophisticated measurement sensors.

MoistureMeter D.jpg


The Delfin MoistureMeterD is a unique water-specific instrument for the measurement of water content of biological tissues. It measures the dielectric constant of the skin and subcutaneous tissues non-invasively and locally in a few seconds. The tissue dielectric constant (TDC) is directly proportional to the amount of water in the tissue. The TDC value increases with increasing water content and edema.

Delfin LymphScanner.jpg


The LymphScanner is the only non-invasive device capable of measuring localized percentage water content (PWC) in the earliest stages of lymphedema and to track treatment-related effects in human skin.

Watch the Video

pH meter.jpg


Skin pH measurements indicate the acidity of the skin, which can be affected for example by skin diseases, aging, hormones and many substances. LAQUA is a portable, handheld, wireless pH/ORP meter for laboratories or for use on the field. It measures also the temperature of the skin

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