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 Meet our Team ! 

Patrick Danciu


Joanne Cupidon

Office Manager

Emma Danciu

Chief Operating Officer

Antonio Gasparis

Medical Adviser

Laura Sadarnac-Lemosse

Marketing & Sales Executive


Delfin Technologies has earned its reputation by consistently providing innovative and scientifically validated instruments. The heart of its success lies in its commitment to continuous research and development, to which the company’s extensive product range can attest. These instruments go beyond conventional methods, allowing researchers to explore skin properties and assess the effects of products with unparalleled precision.


As it happens, unparalleled precision associated with practicality and ease of use totally contribute to the comfort of research subjects. Short measurement times, orientation-free positioning, and wireless data enhance the convenience, ensuring the researchers to focus on their studies without being encumbered by complex operating procedures.


As performing as Delfin’s instruments are, we consider being client-focused just as essential.

We take pride in providing insightful recommendations to our customers, based on their unique requirements. Our objective is to work with them in finding the best personalized options.


To emphasize Delfin’s leading position in skin science and research, Medical Doctors, Physicians and Universities have published around 1,300 clinical studies available to our clients, highlighting our instruments’ accuracy and efficiency on a scientific basis.

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