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 Lymphedema Measurement Solutions 


For rapid scanning of early, localized & chronic regional lymphedema

LymphScanner mittaus
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About the LymphScanner

  • Only non-invasive device measuring localized percentage water content (PWC) 

  • Measures PWC in earliest stages of lymphedema

  • Tracks treatment-related effects in skin

  • Useful for assessment after breast & gynecological cancers and melanoma

  • Results appear within a few seconds 

The LymphScanner can assist physicians in forming a clinical judgement of lymphedema on any skin area of the body. 

Rapid skin scanning helps lymphologists and therapists to get spatial information on the localized extent of lymphedema for the planning of treatment interventions. 

LymphScanner Concept

The principle of operation of the hand-held LymphScanner is based on the processing of data derived from the interaction between device generated microwaves and biological material.


The measured value is the tissue dielectric constant (TDC), that is converted into percentage water content (PWC).


The probe, in contact with the skin, is moved from site to site.

The LymphScanner displays the PWC of an initial reference site and calculates the ratio of any subsequent reading with respect to the PWC of the selected reference site.


Easy and quick scanning of potential sites of lymphedema helps to detect regional distribution of lymphedema, previously undetectable on breast, head and neck region, thorax and genital region.

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LymphScanner mittaus


For tissue water and local edema measurement

MoistureMeter D.jpg

About the MoistureMeterD

  • Water-specific instrument

  • Measures water content of biological tissues

  • Based on dielectric constant of the skin
    & subcutaneous tissues

  • Non-invasive

  • Localized measurements

  • Results appear within a few seconds

The tissue dielectric constants (TDC) is directly proportional
to the amount of water in the tissue. The TDC value increases with increasing water content and edema.

The MoistureMeterD model consists of:

  • measuring unit

  • four probes (effective measurement depths
    from 0.5mm to 5.0mm)

The MoistureMeterD can be used in all clinical and non-clinical research applications where changes of tissue water may exist. 


For local measurement of skin induration

Delfin SkinFibroMeter.jpg

About the SkinFibroMeter

  • Only hand-held portable instrument assessing induration in absolute units of stiffness

  • Measures tissue stiffness in quantitative units

  • Only one stiffness parameter can determine tissue firmness

The SkinFibroMeter has been validated against measurements with industrial standards and in clinical studies against palpation and histological findings. 

LymphScanner Interview

Watch how Dr. Gasparis uses the LymphScanner on a patient.

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