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Delfin Technologies addresses Lymphedema with Revolutionizing Advanced Solutions

Lymphedema, a distressing consequence often following surgical procedures, presents a formidable challenge in healthcare. Handling this concern requires innovative approaches, and Delfin Technologies has emerged as a frontrunner in this endeavor. Through groundbreaking advancements in lymphedema assessment and management, Delfin Technologies is transforming the healthcare sector.

Introducing the LymphScanner: A Unique Game-Changer in Lymphedema Detection


The cornerstone of Delfin Technologies' innovation is the LymphScanner and here is what sets it apart:

LymphScanner mittaus 14508-K52-MDL-crop_

- Non-Invasive Measurement: The LymphScanner is the only non-invasive device capable of measuring localized percentage water content (PWC) in tissue compartments. This groundbreaking approach enhances patient comfort while delivering critical diagnostic information.


- Early Detection: By measuring PWC in the earliest stages of lymphedema, the LymphScanner enables clinicians to identify subtle changes, indicative of disease progression. This early detection empowers proactive intervention, potentially preventing further complications.


- Treatment Monitoring: Tracking treatment-related effects in the skin, the LymphScanner provides valuable insights into therapeutic efficacy. Clinicians can monitor progress closely, adjusting interventions as needed to optimize outcomes for patients.


- Wide Applicability: From post-operative assessment following breast and gynecological cancers to melanoma patients, the LymphScanner proves vital across various medical specialties. Its versatility ensures that it is the tool to use in diverse clinical scenarios.


- Rapid Results: With results appearing within a few seconds, the LymphScanner facilitates prompt decision-making and enhances the quality and precision of healthcare given to patients.

March 2024

Exploring Skin Science with Delfin Technologies – Innovations in Portable Skin Research Instruments

MoistureMeterSC mittaus 14508-K35_edited



In the dynamic world of skincare and cosmetics, understanding the intricacies of skin properties is paramount.

Delfin Technologies stands as a global leader in the field of portable skin research instruments, offering cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the way we measure and analyze various aspects of skin.

Innovative and Scientifically Validated Instruments


Delfin Technologies has earned its reputation by consistently providing innovative and scientifically validated instruments. The heart of its success lies in its commitment to continuous research and development, to which the company’s extensive product range can attest. These instruments go beyond conventional methods, allowing researchers to explore skin properties and assess the effects of products with unparalleled precision.

Through thorough validation, testing, and calibration processes, we ensure that every instrument meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. This innovatory technology guarantees that researchers can rely on Delfin instruments to provide precise and reliable data.


Practicality and Ease of Use


Delfin devices stand out not only for their technological ability but also for their practicality and ease of use. Short measurement times, orientation-free positioning, and wireless data collection enhance the convenience of use and contribute to the comfort of research subjects.
The user-friendly design of our instruments ensures that researchers ca
n focus on their studies without being constrained by complex operating procedures.

March 2024

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